Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Scrapbook - 8/31

Another exercise in dialogue, and an old favorite comes back.

Two hikers engage in a conversation on a nature trail. Try for natural flow.

“So how much further?”
“Uhhh, three miles?”
“We should get there by night.”
“Good, I’m famished. …Did Kate bring the dogs?”
“No, she left them with her sister.”
“Aww, man, I was really in the mood to eat one.”
“What? Dude, why would you want to eat one of the dogs?”
“No, hot dogs! Not the actual dogs!”
“Jeez. Come on, let’s keep going.” A branch snapped nearby.
“Hey, do you hear that?” Another branch snapped.
“Is there something out there?”
“How should I know? I don’t see anything.” Another snap.
“I think it’s getting closer. A wolf, maybe?”
Suddenly another man emerged from behind a tree. He was clad in a plain brown uniform, what looked like a ranger hat on his head, and tiny round lenses over his eyes. Beneath his broad mustache was a beaming smile.
“Good evening, gentlemen. Enjoying nature’s bounty on this wonderful day?”
“Uh…yes? Who…who are you?” The two travelers unconsciously took a step back. The man took a step forward.
“Me? I’m…” he paused, inhaling deeply as if to bellow. “…Just a traveler, also enjoying nature. It’s such a precious resource.” He began to slowly walk past them. “Best get to your campsite before dark. It’s easy to get lost in these woods. I’d say watch out for wolves or…other dangers too, but…well, no worries there.” The man strolled into the trees, whistling happily, and seemed to vanish into thin air a few moments later. The whistling echoed through the woods for a few seconds after.
“Why did he look so familiar?”

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