Saturday, August 27, 2016

Scrapbook - 8/27

Playing around with some tropes today!

“A different kind of evil, or a monster in a non-traditional way”

“So we’ll find the book we’re looking for in here?” Tharsus asked. His elven companion, Caelebob, shrugged.
“Danged if I know. I don’t spend no time with them there fancy books. Don’t got no time for that.”
The dwarf chimed in. “Aye, you elves are all illiterate, but at least the humans appreciate our work. You know we harvest only the finest trees for grand libraries like this one.”
Tharsus ignored the dwarf and pushed the doors open. Sure enough, the inside of the library was quite spectacular. Bookshelves went up fifty meters, and they could see corridors stretch off into numerous directions. The human whistled slightly.
“Well…I guess we better get started.”
“I dunno what ya’ll expect me to do, I can’t even read,” the elf muttered.
“Just…follow us,” Tharsus replied.
“Now this is some quality craftsmanship!” the dwarf bellowed. He ran his fingers over the shelves and some of the books.
“If you’re going to visit our library, then keep it down, please,” a deep voice suddenly rumbled behind them. They turned, startled, to find a robed orc towering over them. It stared at them through circular glasses.
“Apologies, we’re just looking for a specific book and we’ll be on our way,” Tharsus said. The orc shrugged slightly and turned to leave.
“I will never understand why orcs are born with all that muscle when all they do is just sit around and read books all day,” Caelebob said quietly.

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