Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching Up

And we're back! Yeah, amazing what a study abroad semester will do to you. And then a semester that's easily the busiest of my college career. I think I was able to get more sleep in the Army, heh.

Anyway. I haven't been idle in the hobby and creative worlds. During my study abroad semester, I started working on a counts-as Blood Angels army, based on the scheme and history I developed for my gaming group, Military Gamers, for Space Marine and the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium Online. Our Chapter is the Black Serpents, and I'm working on a full 3000-point army, which includes a few limited edition models. Here's a WIP shot of all the infantry.

After returning to the States, I began two new modeling ventures. One was an Ork army for the Adepticon team tournament. My three partners and I all elected to go with Ork forces and make the army (American) football-themed, thus we were the WAAAGH!!!ington Greenskins. Here's a pic of the cheerleader objective markers I made for our army.

The other venture was my eagerly getting into a new game, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, or ACTA. It's being developed by Mongoose Publishing in cooperation with Amarillo Design Bureau, and is essentially a streamlined version of the classic Star Fleet Battles. And it's based on Star Trek, which I love just as much as 40K, if not maybe more. So, I picked up the rulebook, two squads of Federation ships, made a bunch of terrain, and I'm trying to assimilate the rest of my game store! Here's my first few ships mostly done.

Finally, I've resumed work on my machinima based on Star Trek Online (Did I mention I like Star Trek? :P). Star Trek: Durandal follows the story of Star Trek Online, which takes place about 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis. The first episode was posted last Fall, and I just put up the trailer for episode two last week. The full episode should be out later this month!

And finally, like many, I'm eagerly anticipating the impending release of 6th edition for 40K! I've already put together four different lists to test it out with. I'm ESPECIALLY looking forward to the allies system, since I use the books for Space Marines, Grey Knights, and Space Wolves to represent different elements of my Chapter. I'll get into those lists in more detail later.

In fact, I'll do more in-depth posts on all of this in the coming weeks. Hooray for content!