Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Nature of Home

For my birthday, I thought I'd be a little more introspective. I graduated college last month, ending yet another chapter in my life, and transitioned right into the next one with a job in Detroit. I've done an insane amount of traveling in my life, particularly in the last decade, and it got me to thinking about home, and what that means, both in general and for myself.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NaNo: Writing Sample #8

Hello again, everyone! A little longer in between updates than I'd have liked, but I should have several over the coming weeks! Now that I'm settled in with a job (alas, one that has nothing to do with writing or making video games), my schedule is vastly more predictable without the vagaries of homework, meaning it's easier to find time (generally) for things like writing. And I've been pretty busy on that front! I've added over 5,000 words to my NaNo novel in the last month, so I thought I'd share another small sample.

No word back from Analog yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, when last we left off, the Solar Alliance forces were dealt a terrible blow by the Great Enemy capital ship. The Bastille has retreated for now to lick its wounds, and Admiral du Saniel actually finds a little quiet time. We also learn a little more about him as a person.