Saturday, March 29, 2014

40K: Crimson Slaughter review

The latest in a long string of supplemental army books has been released, and I've decided to actually start talking about them, even the ones that aren't necessarily relevant to me, because everyone should hear my opinion on everything, clearly. So, I'm gonna take a look today at the Crimson Slaughter supplement, having had a chance to read through it, and give my thoughts, in a similar format to my Clan Raukaan review.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prompt story #1: The Awkward Vow

Well, finally found time to sit down for a couple hours and hammer out the first story inspired by a prompt from The Amazing Story Generator. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be something a bit silly, yet it still made sense, and I suppose I had some room for hilarity. Did hilarity ensue? Well, read on! The prompt was:

“After vowing to not bathe for a year
A Nobel-prize winning physicist
decides to get married on a whim.”