Sunday, August 21, 2016

Scrapbook - 8/21

The speculation continues! This time we take a look at a popular character.

A female James Bond. How would she be different, if at all?

“Ahh, 007, come in,” M stood from his desk as Bond walked in. She dropped into one of the chairs across from M, who was returning to his chair.
“Now, we have a new assignment for you,” M began. Bond nodded slightly. “We have reports that our consulate in Italy may be targeted by SPECTRE for infiltration. I want you to head there at once and prevent that from happening. If possible, capture one of their agents for information. Perhaps we can use it to track down Blofeld.”
“You want me to babysit an embassy? Don’t we have some junior agents better suited for this?” Bond shook her head.
“Nonsense, 007. I want my best agent on it. Ambassador Sheffield is a good friend of mine, and I don’t want anything happening to him.”
At the ambassador’s name, Bond’s head perked up slightly. “Sheffield? Well, if I had known it was him, I’d have been more interested.” She stood, snatched the intel folder off M’s desk, and began to walk out.
“That’s the spirit, Bond. Although, one final request.” Bond stopped and half-turned back.
“I know full well she’s an old flame, but do NOT get involved with the ambassador’s wife.”
Bond gave a slight smirk. “No promises.”

Apparently the answer is "not different at all."

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