Thursday, April 18, 2013

TG: "Departing" extract + random updates

Good morning! As I write this, I have barely a week to go until I finally graduate college (a five year journey) and return to the real world. My amount of spare time to do things like actually paint models (which I haven't done in over a month now) and work on things like my ACTA reference cards and Star Trek: Durandal will increase vastly, and the flow of content should hopefully become more regular.

In the mean time, I wanted to share an extract from the draft of "Departing", the next story in my "Walking" series! I was told I needed a new story to bring in for workshopping in my fiction class, so I wrote this draft over the last weekend. I thought I'd share part of the draft, and not the finalized story, so you can perhaps see a little bit into how much my stories may change in the revision process.

Finally, I did indeed submit my story "Cold Warriors" to Analog a week or two ago. No word yet.

Monday, April 1, 2013

TG: "Arriving" extract - and other news

Well, new month, new story! Here's an extract from my latest work, Arriving. It's part three in an on-going series I'm writing in my universe, which I hope will eventually lead into a game idea I have (though that's probably a few years off, still. Good to start early, at least!). It's set on a new world, separate from any others I've detailed, and follows the adventures of a thus-far-nameless narrator who apparently has the ability to perceive possible futures, and is using this ability to restore a world devastated by the Great Enemy.

The story will be appearing in the upcoming Winter 2013 edition of Running Out of Ink, the official publication of the Grand Valley Writers' Club. Hopefully I can get it, along with its prequels, published in something more professional in the future. Anyway, enjoy!