Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Whiskey Oddysey

Update 6/27/13: I went back to Stella's this past weekend, and tried a couple more kinds. Notes below!

I'm going to get a little personal again today, though in a slightly different sense. When it comes to drinking, my preference is for liquor, typically rum, but especially whiskey. I got my start on the standard stuff, Jack Daniels No. 7, buying the occasional bottle of Gentleman Jack's or even the Single-Barrel Select. Sufficed to say, enough of the nicer stuff got me to start developing a taste for it.

On New Year's for 2012, right after getting back from my study abroad semester in England, I discovered a bar in Grand Rapids called Stella's. Turns out they serve over two hundred kinds of whiskey. The bar itself is very nice, too (I highly recommend a visit if you're ever in the area, and their fries and burgers are both amazing). I tried a couple different drinks that night, and afterwards resolved to go on a "Whiskey Odyssey" to try as many kinds as I could in the remaining year and some change I'd have in the area.

Each time I went, I (usually) brought my trusty moleskinne notebook and a pen, and took some notes. I recorded the individual drink, the type of whiskey it was, the strength, and had two shots of it, one straight, one mixed with Coke. Typically, I'd sip each, try drinking them quickly, and enjoy the ambiance in the process, even going with friends sometimes (or running into them there), not to mention making a few new friends with some of the discoveries I made.

Here's the notes I compiled, as best as I'm able to find them (I know a few times I had to use something else to record the notes, and those entries are probably lost, unless I want to dig through months of Facebook activity, which I kind of don't).

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

40K: Iron Hands - Part 3

I think I've gone too long with pictures on here. So let's get some up! I've made some more progress on the Iron Hands army. Not finished yet, but I'm liking how some of these guys are coming out. Painting black and steel seems like it might be a boring scheme, but I've found that to be pretty disagreeable if it's done right. I know GW's Iron Hands, what few they've painted over the years, have the standard red eye lenses and such, but I elected to forgo any warm colors at all, to better fit in with the cold, mechanical nature of my favorite Chapter.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

NaNo: Writing Sample #9

The story continues! I have some good ideas for upcoming posts, including a couple of book reviews, updates on my Iron Hands army (yay pictures!), some detailed commentary on an aspect of my universe I've never really touched on before, and even a comic! More on those later, though.
Fast-forwarding a bit with the story. As it stands now, all attempts to destroy the Great Enemy capital ship have failed, and the situation grows increasingly grim. Captain Legun has argued to withdraw from the system, but the Admiral insists that's not an option, both for the people of Terranis and the secret it hides. It seems the pressure of the situation might be getting to him.