Monday, December 7, 2015

Scrapbook #5

Well... oops. Nearly an entire year gone by. Not as much writing done as I had hoped or intended. A fair bit of creative stuff done, but moreso in terms of game development and painting. I should post some pictures.

For now though, enjoy some more mini-stories! And yes, I'll be doing more prompt stories. Gotta write something to go in the game!

"When the hammers fell"

The prisoners were thrown to the ground. They struggled to get up to their knees, their bindings making it difficult. As they looked up, the soldiers around them parted as another horse-mounted warrior entered their midst. The warrior was clad from head to foot in gleaming plate, symbols of the sun and moon emblazoned upon it. From within the helmet, his eyes glowed softly in the darkness with the red of blood. Wordlessly, the warrior dismounted, and handed his shield to one of his soldiers. In his other hand, he held the hammer that was the source of his powers. It too glowed, but with a hint of blue.
"Kill us if you must, Hector, but you infidels will all fall in time," the lead prisoner spat. His broken armor bore marks of rank. In the distance a clock began to chime midnight.
"Do you hear that?" The warrior's voice carried clear across the night, suffused with power. "The judgment bell tolls for you. You army is defeated, and the templars are victorious once again. You are no threat to us now, so perhaps I may show you mercy."
"You violate the law of the treaty in attacking us! You will bring retribution upon yourselves!"
"We are above the law! Our power should show you we are in full control of your destiny. It is far too late to stop now, and we are poised to strike again already. You cannot stop the legacy, and your evil will be stricken from the world." He held his crackling hammer above his head, turning to look at his warriors. "Shall the hammer stay, or shall the hammer fall? Let the hammer..."
As one the warriors bellowed, "Fall!" The first prisoner's head vanished in an explosion of blood and bone as the hammer struck it. He raised it again.
"Let the hammer..."
The hammer fell. Another prisoner died.
"Let the hammer..."
The hammer fell.

"Running like a chicken with a rocket up its ass"

The sky burned. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. But, given all I had experienced since meeting him, I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised. Dark shapes flew through the air, some hurling fireballs to the ground below. People screamed. Buildings exploded. A few weapons tried to return fire, picking off a few of the creatures, but it wasn't nearly enough.
One slammed into the ground near me, and I raised my pistol. It stood nearly twice my height, with massive wings and a tail, all dark skin and fur, liquid fire dripping from its bestial maw. I fired three shots into its face, and the consecrated .45s punched through its skull. It bled fire, and screamed both within and outside my range of hearing. It fell to the ground, thrashing, and I pulled my broadsword out, chopping its head off with Michigan-made steel.
It wasn't nearly enough. Hundreds of the demons were still rampaging around the city. Several more caught wind of my defiance and came to attack. I backed up slowly, knowing I couldn't take all three at once. But before I started to run like a chicken with a rocket up its arse, a blur ripped across the three demons and they exploded. I exhaled loudly with relief and something strode towards me unharmed through the smoke and fire of the demon's blood.
"Roosevelt! I was wondering when you were going to join us!" The legendary man gave his customary grin, and his pince-nez glittered in the firelight.

"Sorry my boy, had to take care of some personal business. Now, come along, we've got some demons to hunt!" He began to run back towards the heart of battle, and I tried to keep up.

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