Friday, February 6, 2015

A Minor Update on Things

Hey ya'll, just giving a quick status update on things happening. Read on for excitement!

So, first up, ACTA: Star Fleet. If you haven't heard, ADB has basically fired Mongoose and taken over most aspects of its development and running. This includes doing a "version 1.2" update to the core rules which, while fun, needed some tweaking/balancing/clarifications. Currently the revisions are being released to fans for free to playtest and such, and they're up to Revision D so far. It's definitely much better. Another nice thing they've done is actually released some official ship roster cards. I was briefly approached to collaborate with ADB about using mine, but they decided they didn't like the software I used (Adobe InDesign), so they went with another format. The official ones are...functional, though I think they could stand to be a little flashier. Oh well. They work. Anyway, I'm removing my unofficial cards as there's no need for them. Go buy the official ones!

Next, Templar Games stuff. I'm giving a talk on February 20th at the Rochester Hills Production Facility (which is actually a brewery) about my game development experience for the Tech248 group. If you happen to be nearby, come check it out! is the event details!

And 40K! The new Necron codex just came out next week, so expect a review of it tomorrow! I love me some undead robots. Now if I could just figure out where my buried army is hidden...

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