Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scrapbook #6

So I'm told shorter blogs, say 500-750 words, instead of my usual 1,000-2,000, gets read a lot more. Also posting frequently helps. To that end, let's do a bunch of shorter posts this week. Onwards for more!

"The eleven words of prophecy"

Eventually, I will actually finish painting one of my 40K armies.

And it shall come to pass that we all will die.

Some day, I will make it to second base for real.

In the hour of darkness, the blind shall guide us all.

Oh my God, just like the old gypsy woman told me!

(Take one of these prophecies and write a story about it)

"Eventually, I will actually finish painting one of my 40K armies."

"And with that, you are all done, Brother Val'tar." I set the model down on the desk carefully, and clean my brush off. Giving the squad of models before me a few minutes to dry, I begin to set them in the shallow box so I can take them outside to spray the varnish on. This is the last squad. After uncountable hours of work, I have at last finished an entire army of my Lords of Oblivion for Warhammer 40,000. And, if I do say so myself, they look glorious! The wet-blending, the freehands, the custom bitz, the flawless highlighting and shading. At long last, I have completed an entire army and can be proud of it.
I idly scratch my legs that feel sore for some reason, and carry the box and sprayer outside. A pale purple sky greets me, and I can see two of the three moons faintly through the clouds. The breeze is gentle, and the temperature pleasant. Ideal conditions for spray varnish. I give the models quick, fast shots of varnish, letting it go on thinly and smoothly, not clumping up. It dries within seconds, and the task is done. I hold the box back from my face, and admire my work, scratching at my legs again.
"There you are, Mr. Hudson," I hear a familiar voice say behind me. I turn to see Jenna, one of the young staffers, coming outside. I smile slightly and hold up the box for her to examine.
"What do you think? The last squad done. The full 3rd Battle-Company is complete. It's my first army I've ever actually finished." I scratch at my legs again. Jenna notices.
"Is the interface for your legs acting up again?"
"No, no, just old habits and sitting too much."
"Maybe we should go inside and have a tech look at your bionics."
"Jenna, I am over four hundred years old! I know how my body works, even if most of it is bionics now!"

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