Friday, December 11, 2015

Scrapbook #9

Final one for the week! Bit of a horror kick today, though I may have just been taking the second prompt a little too literally...

"Creepy words on repeat from an animatronic puppet. What kind of puppet is it?"

"This is the biology lab! Scientists come here to die-!"

Freddy the Teddy Scientist was supposed to finish it with "-isect animals to learn all about them!" But it had been stuck for weeks, and no one could fix it. It was even worse at night when it randomly started shouting when it was supposed to be off.

"Write a scene with this puppet"

Jim's footsteps echoed down the halls, his flashlight weaving back and forth as he casually made his rounds. The labs were closed, all was silent, another boring night.
"Scientists come here to die-!" Something shouted nearby. Jim jumped, then grunted in frustration. That stupid bear would always freak him out at the worst times.
"West wing clear, heading back." He keyed his mic and stuck it back on his belt before turning to head back to the warmer security center full of donuts and skin rags. Dave had the newest Maxim, and Jim wanted to give it a look.
"Scientists come here to die-!" The bear shouted again. Its softer cry didn't bother Jim as much, though he sped up slightly to get out of earshot of it.
"Scientists come here to die-!" That was weird. The shout actually sounded louder this time. And it usually didn't go off this frequently. He'd leave a note for the maintenance team and try to get them to finally fix the frigging thing.
"Come here to die-!" Jim froze. The shout came from ahead of him this time. What in the world was happening? He took a cautious step forward and glanced around the corner. Nothing but empty halls and dim lights. He started to creep down the hall, his heart racing. The security center wasn't far now.
"Come here to die-!" Something knocked him down from behind, and he slammed into the floor. He flipped onto his back, and screamed as he saw that stupid bear coming towards him, a bonesaw in its hand.
"Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!" It lurched towards him on unsteady feet, and Jim kicked with his legs, trying to keep distance between him. He screamed again, hoping Dave would hear.
Another shadow reared up behind the bear, and suddenly a fist punched through its chest, spraying electronics, fake fur, and oil all over Dave. The fist lifted the bear, and a second hand emerged through the hole before tearing the bear in half. A large man emerged into the light, his eyes blazing with fury behind an antiquated pince-nez.

"What a terrible disgrace to the name Teddy," the man said.

"Write a scene at a farmer's market, and bring the customers, the sellers, and their wares to life"

"How much for a flat?" The woman asked the vendor. The man behind the stall felt his eyebrow twitch.
"As it says right in front of you, $24 for the annuals, $36 for the perennials."
"Oh, I see." The woman leaned in to sniff some of the flowers closest to her, and then suddenly screamed before jumping back. The man looked on in horror as he saw blood pouring down her face. He glanced down to his flowers, bewildered at what had happened, and saw they were all suddenly writhing uncontrollably, teeth growing from their petals, and they seemed to be growing rapidly. He took a horrified step back and tripped over the row of sunflowers behind him. Man and plant all tumbled into a pile, and the man began to scream as he was covered by hungry sunflowers that began to bite into his flesh.
All around, people screamed and ran as everything from azaleas to zucchini came to life, began to grow exponentially, and eat everything around them. In some cases, different species of the plants fell upon each other and fought to the death, but most were focused on devouring the humans around them.
Inside the antiquated barn, bamboo shoots formed impenetrable barricades trapping those inside while dandelions drifted down from above and exploded, shredding the humans into a storm of blood shooting out the cracks of the barn. Creeping vines of a dozen different varieties ensnared feet of scattering humans, pulling them apart or holding them in place until they could be consumed. Bushes grew to towering walls, and anyone that tried to push through them simply disappeared in a flurry of crunching bones.
A few lucky ones managed to actually escape and began to run down the road, only to hear a rumbling as dozens of gigantic tomatoes began to roll and bounce after them. They tried their best to run, but the red of the tomatoes' skin soon became stained a darker shade.

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