Monday, February 24, 2014


Ahh, what a hectic couple of months. I think it's time for some new material here, don't you agree?

So, I'm doing some general clean-up around here, and let's talk for a second about my plans for this year.

First up, I cleaned out the links section, mostly by removing links to inactive blogs, and added a couple useful ones. Sadly, A Call To Arms: Star Fleet is in hibernation mode, with the partnership between Amarillo and Mongoose having all but dissolved. Fortunately, the work I've put into it isn't going entirely to waste, and Amarillo is working on a "version 1.2" update for the rules to clean up many of the ambiguities and consolidate all the upcoming additions. They're also engaged in heavy discussion with the fanbase over on their BBS to make sure the rules are both solid and appealing to fans. You can check out the discussion here. I will also at some point finish the reference cards I made, completing the Gorn and Kzinti fleets. I'm sure they'll need updates anyway once the new version of the rules is out. That said, though, since I've basically run out of ships to paint, I don't expect much in the way of new material there for the time being.

On the flip-side, I've added some new links. Under the Warhammer section, I added a link to Faeit 212, one of the leading news/rumors blogs for Warhammer. If you haven't seen them before, I strongly recommend checking them out, as their info is usually fairly accurate. I also added a link to the website for Templar Games, my game development studio through which I'm building my first video game, Unto the Breach. I've been making a ton of progress in the last few months, and I'm nearly ready for a playable alpha.

Finally, I added two links pertaining to writing, something I tend to enjoy doing (not that you can see any evidence of that here...). The first is a blog for the Mid-Michigan Prose and Writing Group, a bunch of folks based on Ann Arbor I spend my Tuesday nights with. My first story for the blog went up last week. It's an older piece of mine, so some of you may have read/heard it already, but expect brand new stuff in coming weeks. I'll probably have 1-2 stories a month go up (the blog typically does three posts a week on a schedule). The second link is the personal blog for Amanda Lewan, my brother's girlfriend, and a good friend of mine, who's a brilliant writer and focuses on the art of storytelling (with an eye towards Detroit, the other thing she loves). Definitely check it out for some good commentary and stories.

Now, with all that said, lemme talk a little bit about what I plan on doing here. I just picked up this awesome book of prompts. And I want to do some more supplemental writing for my universe to keep me in the right mindset for my ongoing novel work (and writing for the game). So... about once a week, maybe on Sundays, I'm gonna generate a prompt for myself, and hammer out a 500-1000 word story, or however long it winds up being, based on that prompt, and set in my universe. It might be on Terranis, it might be elsewhere. Some of the prompt elements (such as "...and becomes the mayor of Chicago") might not work, but most are generic enough to do the trick, I think. Some may have a point, others may be just be random events. Who knows. Maybe I'll turn some of them into bigger stories, or weave them into the main narrative. Guess we'll see.

In the meantime, enjoy this random photo of my cat making it difficult for me to actually get any work done.

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