Friday, November 23, 2012

ACTA: My Federation fleet

First up, I've updated my reference cards for ACTA. The Federation fleet is now completely finished! At least, until the Gettysburg and Mars are released. Check them out!

I've also finally finished a bunch of my Federation ships, and posted pictures. So, here you go!

We'll go from smallest to biggest. First up is the USS Drake, a Burke-class frigate.
This was the first ship I did with the decals, so it was admittedly a little sloppy/dirty. I got the process figured out pretty well after that, thankfully. Ostensibly named after Sir Francis Drake, I also picked the name because it's the name of my friend who runs The Poiesis Journal (Link is over to the right), and I figured she'd love it. Which she did.

Next up is the USS Mary Helen, an Ortega-class war destroyer.
When I was soliciting my STO group for ship name ideas, one of the guys suggested this because he always names his own ship in-game after this friend of his. So I figured why not.

USS Arizona, a Texas-class light cruiser.
 Another friend's idea, her favorite ship is called the Arizona, after the WWII destroyer. As the Texas-class typically uses state names, I figured this was a good fit.

USS Berkshire, a Constitution-class heavy cruiser.
My original plan was to make this a Lexington-class ship, which used English counties in the names at times, so I picked the county I studied abroad in last year. Then Mongoose put out the actual Lexington-class model, so this is just a regular Constitution.

USS Budapest, a Chicago-class new heavy cruiser.

These ships seem to typically have city names, so I picked the city Drake studied abroad in last year.

USS Perth, Kirov-class battlecruiser.
Sticking with the Australia theme in the names, I went with Perth for this one. The other one I've done is the Brisbane, and I should get pics of that too.

USS Imperium, Federation-class dreadnought.
Yup, it's named after the Imperium of Man in 40K. :P


  1. a really helpfull cardset! thank you very much! one short question - did you upgrade the content to update #2?

  2. I have not, yet. Update #1 is in there. My primary focus right now is going to be finishing off the Gorn and Kzinti fleets. Update #2 will probably be a ways off, until the issues with it are worked out.

    1. hi allerka,

      thanks for the feedback! :-)