Monday, July 16, 2012

ACTA: Reference Cards

Quick update today. I've finished the next round of reference cards for ACTA: Star Fleet. Mongoose was supposed to put some out in May, but they're still nowhere to be seen, so I made my own in the meantime. While Mongoose's are definitely prettier, I think mine are a little better functionally; there's more pertinent information, plus they're one-sided so you can see everything at once (The Mongoose ones are double-sided). My cards are also fully updated for the errata/FAQs.

You can download the cards here, as a PDF. Just take 'em to your local photocopy shop, print 'em off, laminate them, and play away! I've got most of the Federation fleet (both squad boxes plus the Ramius), and the Klingon fleet box done, I'll add more when I'm able (i.e. rest of the Federation, all of the Romulans, and then the Gorn/Kzinti as they get released. I guess I should do cards for the variants as well).

Let me do a quick run-through of the cards.

So, here's a card for a Burke-class frigate. You can see the name and cost at the top, in a thematic font (The Klingons have a themed font as well, and I'll do the same for the others).

Below that, you'll see an outline of their weapon systems. The box next to each weapon system can be checked off to indicate it's been fired (especially handy for when you're tracking defensive fire or torpedoes). On the right are all the stats of the ship, plus its starting compliments of shuttles and Marines. In the lower right is the hull and shield damage trackers, just fill in those boxes as you take damage, with the red squares in the hull section indicating crippled status (my friends and I like to do a single dash for damage, and then a solid block for shields when the maximum capacity is reduced).

Next to that is critical scores, which lets you keep track of sub-system damage, as well as knowing when to roll for escalation. You'll still need to check the rulebook for the actual effects. Below that is indicators for any movement penalties you've taken (i.e. from engine damage), whether or not you're currently under a power drain from a Special Action, and boxes to check off as you lose shuttles and marines throughout the battle. And then room for any notes you need.

Finally, you've got room for the ship's name (Do something good!), which I recommend using a pen-size Sharpie for, so it doesn't wipe off as easily (use dry erase for everything else!), and a picture of the ship class for identification.

Also, the last page of the document is a handy reference chart for Special Actions. Enjoy!


  1. Great looking reference cards. I tried to go to the ten forward website but was not able to register. Kept saying invalid security answer. It was asking What is the name if the STO board that is the base for this community? I thought the answer might be startrekonline but it did not work. I was wondering if you could email me these if you have a little time at

  2. Oh! I didn't realize it wasn't accessible to those outside the forum I posted it at. You can download the file here:

    Apologies for taking so long in getting back to you, I've been crazy-busy with school the last few weeks.

  3. Hi Allerka, the links seem to be dead. Could you upload them again. Thank you in advance.

    1. Got it! seems i could directly link, used google to search for the hyperlink.

    2. Hmm, weird. I'll talk to the host and get it fixed. I'm pretty sure the version you got off Google is an older one, but I'll have to check. I really need to finish these things up...